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Psychiatric Medication Management

Medication management is selecting, scheduling, and monitoring medications to treat an illness(es). Choosing an appropriate psychiatric medication begins with a patient's medical and psychiatric histories, prior and current medications, current symptoms,  and the patient's goals. Frequently, psychiatric medications can take weeks to start improving symptoms. Finding the correct medication at the proper dose may require trial and error.

Some medications require lab tests before initiating them. They may also need occasional lab tests to monitor for any negative impact on the patient's body. A few medicines need blood levels to ensure the medication dosing is adequate.

I work closely with my patients to ensure their medications are at the most effective dose, providing symptom relief with the fewest side effects. Please contact my office at 757-418-6195 for any medication concerns.

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Electronic Prescribing


I electronically send all your medication prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy. If you are uninsured or your insurance has affordability issues, we can search for reduced rates through Good Rx. It is also worth noting that generic medicines are usually much cheaper than their branded counterparts.

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